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AutoCAD Software

Culture of C&R
Our Value
Our core set of values are expected to live by, always with unyielding integrity.
Quality Control
Believing in the delivery of quality and not necessarily the quantity is the culture of our organisation. Painstaking and elaborate steps are undertaken at each and every stage of the manufacturing process to deliver an end product which is as perfect as it can be.
Offering the utmost in professionalism goes without saying. We want our people to maintain and build on our reputation for transparency and excellence.
  • Innovation: We develop creative solutions and translate them into action.
  • Learning: We continuously develop the knowledge of our business and the expertise of everyone in it.
  • Agility: We are alert to change and move fast, with flexibility and decisiveness.
By connecting our people, networks, experience, industry expertise and commercial understanding, we build trust and create value for our clients. The best solutions come from working together - with colleagues and clients.
  • Relationships: We build productive, long-term relationships with clients and each other
  • Respect: We embrace diverse cultures, communities, and views. We actively consider the needs of individuals and Work/Life quality
  • Sharing: We readily share knowledge, experience, resources, and opportunities
Leadership means leading with clients, leading with people, and thought leadership.
  • Courage: We are bold. We seize the initiatives and welcome responsibility.
  • Vision: We see the bigger picture, and have a clear sense of where we want to go, inspiring and motivating others.

Integrity: We are trustworthy and honourable